VIDEO: My hair never grown after my father shaved and died – Lady tells sad story


Her father shaved her head when she was five years old and died immediately afterwards, and she claims that her hair has never grown back since. Josepha has described how she has suffered rejection and has become a laughing stock ever since that time.

hair never grown

According to her grandmother, she was born with hair, and they used to shave her head when she was younger. After shaving her head when she was five years old, her father grew ill and died the next day; the cause of his death was not discovered at that time.

After a while, her eye lashes and brows started to fade away completely. A traditional doctor was called in to treat her, and she was given traditional medication, but her condition did not improve. A few years later, her mother died, and she began to endure leg discomfort as a result of the loss. She was sent to the hospital, where she received treatment and finally recovered.

Her husband used to adore her, but his friends teased him about marrying a cursed woman and having children who looked like their mother. She eventually divorced him and moved to a different state.

He divorced her and pledged that he would never marry anyone else again, and she hasn’t looked back in the intervening years.

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