Why Indonesians honor Corpse every 3 years


Indonesian families celebrate dead bodies. meanwhile, in Indonesia, report reaching  families dig up their loved ones every 3 years in August, to spend quality time with them. They call it a ma’ne ne festival.


Digging up the dead, Villagers remove the corpses of loved ones, including tiny babies, so they can be cleaned, given new clothes… and even enjoy a cigarette


Another shows a man gently cleaning the decomposed face of his wife who passed away two years ago.


And before the bodies are reburied, relatives often place a gift in the coffin which be anything from a bracelet or a watch and even a diamond.


But families risk attracting grave robbers if they choose to bury their loved one with a precious stone or expensive piece of jewellery.


Local police are currently investigating a number of cases of bodies being stolen.

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