Almost Every Women Will Let You Touch Them On A Date If You Do This.


MkThank you for clicking. In this article, I’m going to talk about five ways to touch a woman on a date without getting turned down. Yes, I mean it. I know sometimes you will think you might get embarrassed, but that is not the case. Below are some tips to help you create that special bond with the lady of your choice.

1. Hug her first.

When you meet her, don’t shake hands with her but rather hug her and say hello. I mean, she’ll become confused and shy.She will see you as a tough guy. And don’t be too soft or too aggressive; it would balance. She gets to know you mean business. She’s got to be able to feel your body.

2. Try to show her some funny videos on your phone.

If you are a guy and you don’t have a funny video on your phone, then I don’t know what to do to impress a lady. Ladies love to watch funny videos to make them happy. Once you sit close to her and show her a funny video on your phone, you are on the verge of taking over her. Because your bodies are going to touch each other, your shoulders will touch each other. That is where you are creating that sexual tension, but make sure you smell good because that will attract her more to you.

3. Make sure you open the door first and guide her through.

As a man, you should always make sure you open the door first and let her in first. Through this, you will be able to touch her back and lead her through even when she doesn’t know where you are going. I know some of you might be afraid, but I bet you that is the best chance for you to be able to touch her.

4. Grab anything you see surprising on her body.

Maybe you see her wearing a nice bracelet, ring, chain, and so on. Just tell her, “Can I see this bracelet?” or “You can just go forward and grab it and say, “Wow, what a nice bracelet.” And if your hand is soft, it can turn her on. She will love having that hand on her. I know some of you are thinking, “It’s only her hand,” but the truth is that women are extremely sensitive, and no matter where you touch her, you can turn her on.

5. Help her out!

Let’s say you were at a dinner or somewhere and there was something on her cheek, and maybe there was nothing on her cheek either, but she couldn’t see it because it’s just a tip that I’m giving you. Don’t ask her, just go for it and wipe it softly with your hands. She will fall for it. She would love that hand to be there forever.

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