How Do I Become Who I Want To Be? (5 Simple Guide)



Have you been finding it difficult to maintain your status or asking how do I become who I want to be? All hope is not lost.

In this post, I will be giving you some guide on how you can become that you want to be and still have your life moving smoothly just as you have planned it to be.

Let’s continue!

Before knowing these five things that will keep you within your status queue, you must read to the end the five Ways To Become Who You Want To Be.


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How Do I Become Who I Want To Be?


For you to be who you have wanted to be first thing you must know is that there’s a room for you to decide whether to continue or not. Taking a stand and keep to it till the end which is being determined and not deterred. Though, many obstacles may arise as a distraction but you must determined in order not to miss your goal.

Remain Focus

I have seen so many people complain of not accomplishing what they have started or something taking them away from their lifetime dream that is because they aren’t focused in chasing that which they so much desire. So, as someone who want to maintain his or status responsibly, you must be focused.

Having Faith In Yourself

Do you believe you can do it? That is a question you must give a Yes; answer to. Believe in yourself in anything you do in life. If you don’t believe in yourself who then will you hope on? Remember, man will always disappoint but only you can work yourself through that storm only if you have faith in yourself.

Living above Expectations

Don’t always do things people are expecting you to do. Sometimes it’s a error and might affect your dream of becoming who you want to become or maintaining your status. Just do the right thing and forget about the rest.

Avoid Unimportant Friends

Do you know what people often fail I. Their endeavors to maintaining their status? That is caused by keeping unimportant friends that nevermind about your dreams and don’t have the same vision as yours. Be mindful of the kind of friend you keep as someone who care about the future and goal.

In Summary, it is very important for you to note and make good use of these things to be able to graduate into living a standard life with good reputation and maintaining your status for you to stop asking “how do I become who I want to be?.

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