DO YOU AGREE? Those Who Don’t Like Spending Money End Up Spending The Most (See Reason Why)

This afternoon I was thinking about those that don’t like spending money on some rising matters and trying to compare them with people who spend a lot on things that matters.

But the first question that popped into my head was; do these people who doesn’t really like spending at all richer than those who spend frequently or is it that they’re broke?

I have someone that no matter how the challenge maybe shishi will not come out from his pocket and I will be asking myself, is it that this man is too stingy or don’t want to help.

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The fact I realised is that these people that don’t like spending money end up spending the most.

Their billing is too much and that is why they try as much as possible to minimize their expenditure.

But what do you think about this, do you agree with me?

Originally posted 2022-07-16 16:02:34.