“How My Landlord Chase Me Commot For His House Because Of Ordinary Sh!t Wey I Sh!t” — Nollywood Veteran Kenneth Aguba

Nollywood veteran actor, Kenneth Aguba has recounted how his landlord humiliated him and chased him out of the compound for using the toilet.

In several video, Mr Kenneth has been seen complaining that he needs an apartment of his own maybe due to the kind of embarrassment he has faced in the past.

Speaking recently in an interview, Mr. Kenneth who also gave his nickname as Ijiji (housefly), said: “My landlord pursue me commot from his house because I sh!t in the compound. Plenty people live in the yard, before you go fit use the toilet, you go join long line. One day I was purging, I wanted to use the toilet, but they were doing it turn by turn. The sh!t come hold me for belle, I no fit wait, I come shift small, push am commot for them for one corner there. Them come dey worry me to pack am. Everybody for compound come dey accuse me say na me dey sh!t all the sh!t for compound. Landlord come pursue me.”

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Originally posted 2022-07-18 06:22:23.