Meet 5 Nigerian Celebrity Couples Who Separated This Year (Photos)

Based on cultural, religious, and individual considerations, marriage is defined in a variety of ways and by a variety of organizations.

A common and comprehensive understanding of marriage is a social and legal agreement that binds two people’s lives together legally, economically, and emotionally.

Typically, the contractual marriage agreement states that the couple’s legal obligations to one another last for the duration of their marriage or until they divorce.

Marriage has never been simple, yet several Nigerian celebrities struggle to keep their relationships and marriages together.

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Here is a list of famous people whose unions and partnerships will dissolve in 2022.

Korra Obidi And Justin Dean

Dancer Korra Obidi, and Dr. Justin Dean, her husband, divorced in March 2022 after Justin posted on his Instagram profile that he would be ending things with Korra because of her continued adultery.

5 Nigerian Celebrity Couples Who Separated This Year (Photos)

Korra Obidi is from Nigeria and Justin is an American. Korra Obidi on the other hand accused Justin Dean of being an abuser who assaulted her countless times in their marriage.

Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz

5 Nigerian Celebrity Couples Who Separated This Year (Photos)

Actress Funke Akindele became the topic of discussion on various traditional and social media platforms after news about her divorce from JJC Skillz emerged.

JJC Skillz known in private life as Abdulrasheed Bello, a movie producer and marketer asserted that he made every effort to make their marriage work but that he was forced to leave because nothing seemed to be working.

However, Funke Akindele has not yet commented on the circumstances surrounding her divorce.

Adekoya Yewande

5 Nigerian Celebrity Couples Who Separated This Year (Photos)

Yewande Adekoya, a Yoruba film actress, has joined the group of famous people who divorced in 2022 as a result of an unclear fight with their actor ex-husband.

Yewande Adekoya decided to end the marriage when her colleagues’ attempts to mediate the situation proved unsuccessful.

Nkechi Blessing

5 Nigerian Celebrity Couples Who Separated This Year (Photos)


5 Nigerian Celebrity Couples Who Separated This Year (Photos)

Popular Yoruba actress Nkechi Blessing’s announcement of her split from her husband astounded many of her fans and followers on social media.

Nkechi Blessing shared various events that contributed to her decision to end the marriage with Ekiti-based politician, Opeyemi Falegan on social media.

Chacha Eke

5 Nigerian Celebrity Couples Who Separated This Year (Photos)

Chacha Eke Faani came out once again to announce that she is finally stepping out of her marriage with her husband Austin Fanni.

Chacha Eke said she is bowing out of her marriage because she does not want to die.

She wrote…


Many have died pretending all is well whilst wishing, hoping, and praying for a better tomorrow.
I don’t want to “die” or go inexplicably “missing”.

I sincerely and publicly apologize for living a lie these past years. True to random speculations, there has been trouble in my “perceived paradise”.
For the 2nd time in 2years, I am here again on social media boldly declaring that I am done with my marriage. My long overdue/relentless stance on this is of course no news to Austin Faani, the doctors and my parents.

If push comes to shove & suddenly I am incommunicado; my lawyers, the welfare department, and the Nigerian police force have my testimonials in recorded video clips/statements set for public release on all social media apps and national newspapers.

5 Nigerian Celebrity Couples Who Separated This Year (Photos)

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